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All the below is helpful but the best way to learn is come & join the fun ...

If you want to learn without getting wet the best thing to do is get a copy of the
Stenhouse K16 DVD
here >>>

Coaching form to be completed by all UK coaches running training

MSCA Risk Assesment Example Template

World Sailing Risk Assesment Example Template

RYA Medical Form Template


The legal position of a coach may be different from one country to another. The class strongly advises that the national authority is contacted to ensure what they plan meets with all requirements, including insurance. However, the above PDF links are a good starting point.

Rigging Guide (this is a 2.6M file with a 90 step rigging process, one photo per step)

Here is a selection of vids to help you see how it's done ...

Head Cam Video taken by Sten
Head Cam Video taken by Graeme (down wind with gybe & drop)

Ian Renilson gybe sequence

Launch Training Events

Our aim is to help new sailors to the class, and those who do not get the chance to sail on a regular basis develop their sailing skills and knowledge to better enjoy this fantastic class.

See the fixture list for details of training events

Tips from the Top;

Question 1 - What is the best way to get out of irons if I have messed up a tack?

Question 2: Its blowing dogs off chains, I am approaching the lay line down wind at warp speed, what is the top tip for surviving the gybe?

Question 3: What is the drink of champions?

Question 4: What are the key issues in the light stuff?

Question 5: How should I trim the sail

After Denia I quizzed Sten on a few topics - here are his words of wisdom ...

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