Musto Skiff

Have a look at what the owners think of their MUSTO Skiffs

“I brought an MUSTO Skiff and am very very very pleased with my choice. It has re-vitalised my sailing”
Ian Renilson: former Contender World, European and National Champion

“Its the only REAL single-handed skiff...”
Thomas Stucki

“A simple boat well suited for adrenalin junkies”
Ian Trotter – former International 14 National Champion

“Lone riders paradise”
Miguel Karsters – former 49er & 470 National Champion

“The best you can get out of single handed sailing. Simple, exciting and fast sailing. Focus on sailing instead of fiddling around with fittings.”
Christian Brandt – former Contender European & National Champion.

“Great fun in all conditions, fast acceleration, simple one design class, no hassle sailing”
Kit Stenhouse – former Laser Ladies National Champion

“Rewarding to sail, high performance from a simple well designed product. Great competitive racing with high quality fleet.”
Rick Perkins – former Fireball National Champion

“That feeling when you're flying downwind, the boat goes up a wave and drops stern-first off the top of it, and you know you've just gone airborne! wahooooooo!”
David Poston

“It is everything you dreamed you wanted from a boat and, that bit more for surprise. The most fun you can have with your pants up!”
Simon Reynolds

"The MUSTO Skiff is a great, fast boat that provides a lot of fun and simply works!”
Bläsi Beat

“Don't sail the MUSTO Skiff if you want to enjoy any normal dinghy again. Nothing compares....”
Simon Rosier

"Its build quality is superb, given that I am a novice to it 6 months ago and being heavy handed it stands up very well. I have trouble thinking of something I enjoy more than setting off and popping the kite and screaming downwind!”
Steve Robson

“The MUSTO Skiff combines the thrill of skiff performance with smooth control and well... it just blows your pants off!”
Tom Jones

“The MUSTO Skiff is fun to sail and you meet nice people at the races.”
Joachim Harpprecht – former Contender European Champion and designer of the MUSTO Skiff

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 When you want the best ... you can have it
The MUSTO Skiff is marketed world wide by Ovington Boats.
Please contact us on +44 191 257 6011 or
email us for more details.
Below are our key suppliers

Ovington BoatsHull
The highest standards by a gold medal winning builder
Harken, the best hardware available, it will never let you down
High tech carbon mast with "Step Down taper system" technology
One-design sails by the best in the game

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