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Here is a Q&A that was completed by MUSTO Skiff UK National Champion Rick Perkins.

What got you into the MUSTO Skiff class?
I had returned to the UK in 2002 after a year overseas and the MUSTO Skiff was starting to take off and there was the start of a fleet at Whitstable so it seemed like a good choice as my crew (and wife) Sarah was busy studying so I was after a single hander.

What have you sailed previously?
Toppers, 420, 470, Fireball, I14, RS200, 29er, RS800 & N12

How old, tall and heavy are you? (note:completed in 2010)
43, 180cm, 73kg (in 2007 I was 83kgs)

How much training did you do in the MUSTO Skiff in the year prior to the nationals win?
I did a lot of gym work to increase my strength, fitness & weight; I put on 10kgs in the gym. On the water I was sailing quite a lot; probably 3 times a week.

Did you do any specific training exercises to improve your boatspeed & handling?

Lots of starting practice; I became very good at holding station on a bouy. Lots of boat on boat practice with the other guys at the club and I went to pretty much every open in the South finishing 2nd in every event in 2007 prior to the nationals ... I knew who the man to beat was ... just in case there was any doubt.

What were your rig settings (Rake, tensions (shroud & lowers) spreaders (length & deflection))?

See here >>>

What did it feel like to lift the trophy at the prize giving?
Great; my target was a top 3 having finished 2 x 4th & 3 x 5th in previous Nats & Worlds.

Do you have any sponsors?
Harken help me out with deckgear & clothes. I also get my hands on some McLube which is great for making the sail go up the track easier; I also put it on the bowsprite

What other hobbies do you have?
Cycling plus the usual social stuff

Are you married / have any kids?
I am married to Sarah. No kids.

What is your favourite band/music?
A wide range; I like Northen Soul, Ska, The Jam & many of the 80's Brit Pop groups especially Oasis

What's your favourite food?
Anything cooked by Sarah :-)

What is your day job?
I run a marketing agency
Force 5 Marketing

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