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Here is a Q&A that was completed by MUSTO Skiff 2004UK National Champion Kev Anderson

What got you into the MUSTO Skiff class?

I first saw a photo of the boat in yachts and yachting and thought it looked amazing. Then I found out after speaking to Dave Ovington that Ovington boats were developing it and were actually going to build it. Me and Ian Trotter eventually got hold of the demo boat up at Derwent Res and had the best laugh ever. We were taking turns swapping from a rescue rib and as the wind picked up we were summersaulting all over the lake. One split head later and a lot of blood we were both hooked.

What have you sailed previously?

I have previously sailed Ents, Lasers, then got into International 14ís crewing for Ian Trotter at about 17, he got the boat for his 21íst. We sailed 14ís together for about 10 years eventually winning the POW cup and week in 1990. It was a truly awesome time to be sailing 14ís as they introduced twin wires and asymmetrical spinnakers. I then got into the 18ft skiff winning the 1993 nationals with my old friends Martin Jones and Duncan Macdonald and also the 18ft skiff Europeans with Dave Ovington and Trotter. I also raced a Mumm 30 for a few years with Dave Ovington and all my local mates.

How old, tall and heavy are you?

45 years old(in 2012). 5í11Ē tall and about 80 kg when fit. (which I am) I am now

How much training did you do in the MUSTO Skiff in the year prior to the nationals win?

Massive amount of training. We were lucky to have 4 fast boats in the North East and we all sailed together. Me, Trotter, Martin Boatman and Ian Turnbull. I reckon I must have been sailing 3 or 4 times a week prior to the Sunderland win.

Did you do any specific training exercises to improve your boatspeed & handling?

Not really just a lot of sailing and tuning together to help each other. You really canít sail these boats enough! Also I found that eating a lot of pies seemed to help when it was windy.
A good thing about the class is that everyone has always been very open about their settings and techniques.

What were your rig settings (Rake, tensions (shroud & lowers) spreaders (length & deflection))?

Donít know off the top of my head but I think itís all still on the MUSTO skiff site and it seems to be similar to what is still used today.

What did it feel like to lift the trophy at the prize giving?

It felt fantastic to eventually win the trophy. I even got the help of a sports psychiatrist who is also a friend to try and help me during the second half of the event as I often seemed to crack under the pressure. When Iíd won the first thing I did was take the trophy round to show him. The first thing he asked me was what made the difference?? He almost died laughing when I had to tell him the event was cut short due to strong winds.

Do you have any sponsors?

Ian and I were sponsored by Trident at the time. They really looked after me and Trotter and we would not have been able to achieve what we did without their help and support so many thanks to Dave and Jackie!!!

What other hobbies do you have?

Other hobbies now include Kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle surfing, snow kiting, cycling, snowboarding etc. etc. Oh and of course spending time with the family.

Are you married / have any kids?

Yes Iím still married to Gill with 2 fantastic boys Jonny and Sam (11 and 13) The boys are getting into all the sports that I love and Iím having the best time ever!

What is your favourite band/music?

Massive range of music, favourite band changes with mood. Probably Chili peppers.

What's your favourite food?

Without any doubt Pie!

What is your day job?

I run my own adventure sport company up in Northumberland where we specialise in Kitesurfing lessons, Stand Up Paddle surfing and Coasteering.
We have one of the best locations in the world to operate.

What sailing are you doing at present?

The last race I entered was the Lord Birkett in 2010. I sailed with Lester Noble in a 49er + 200 boats which we won.. Not sailing at all at the moment! 2011 was the first year since I started sailing that I didnít get in a boat. Hard to believe how things can change.

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