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Here is a Q&A that was completed by MUSTO Skiff 2005 UK National Champion Ian Trotter

What got you into the MUSTO Skiff class?
Living in the north east Ovi had a demo boat kicking around which Kevin managed to get a hold of. I had a go and decided after a seven year break it was time to start sailing ( the demo sail even included a visit to A&E for 4 stiches when my head made contact with the boom)

What have you sailed previous
I started sailing in Mirrors with my brother when I was 14. Lasers next 16-21.Then Int 14 fantastic boats but very expensive follwed by 18 foot skiffs.I have also sailed most other classes at one time or another.

How old, tall and heavy are you?
47 years young,6`1,76kg.

How much training did you do in the MUSTO Skiff in the year prior to the nationals win?
Lots of training with the guys in the N.E. ie Kev,Bov and Martin Boatman when he bought one. Not a bad bunch to train with.

Did you do any specific training exercises to improve your boatspeed & handling?
We did the normal drills to improve our boat handling. Boatspeed comes when you work in a group and have the confidence in your own ability to share information with others. Our group included a downwind specialist Bov(no Fear) Boathandling Kev. Upwind I am not bad.If you talk through the good and bad points of the session the group moves on and so does the individual.

What were your rig settings (Rake, tensions (shroud & lowers) spreaders (length & deflection))?
As per your tuning guides. I think between our group and the tuning I have done with Sten most avenues have been explored.

What did it feel like to lift the trophy at the prize giving?
About time I felt I had let myself down at previous events.

Do you have any sponsors?

What other hobbies do you have?
Windsurfing, squash training for triathlons.

Are you married / have any kids?
Yes to me Julie. Son Daniel who has just passed his driving test (god I must be old).

What is your favourite band/music?
Depends on my mood anything from punk to heavy metal.

What's your favourite food?
Peppered fillet steak with potatoe wedges follwed by apple crumble and custard. Swilled down with lots of beer.

What is your day job?
Manufacturing staff N.M.U.K. Nissan. Not keen on it anyone got a better offer?

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