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Here is a Q&A that was completed by MUSTO Skiff Frithjof Schwerdt. 2013 European Champion

What got you into the MUSTO Skiff class?
I was sailing Laser for nine years and wanted to try something else . It had to be faster, more ambitious and without hiking. So I discovered the MUSTO Skiff.

What have you sailed previously?
I have sailed Laser and 49er.

How old, tall and heavy are you?
I am 25 years old, 186 cm tall and have a weight of 80 kg.

How much training did you do in the MUSTO Skiff in the year prior to the win?
That´s quite funny. On the MUSTO Skiff I only practised the day before the Europeans, but I did a lot of training in the 49er

Did you do any specific training exercises to improve your boatspeed & handling?
The year before I did a lot of training. I build two little marks to practise up and downs. The GoPro, which was fixed in the back of the wings, helped me to analyse the maneuvers. I always asked myself, what I can do to improve my skills.

What were your rig settings (Rake, tensions (shroud & lowers) spreaders (length & deflection))?

I think you have to be careful with giving specific values of rig tension, because the Looses measurement device is very imprecise. Anyway, these were my standard settings:

Wind light/medium - heavy

tension forestay 28- 31

lowers 13.5

spreaders angle 105 mm / 105 mm

spreaders length max. out, so 5 holes to see

rake 727 cm

Mastfoot 4th hole from the front

Draggerboard down / 15 cm lifted

What did it feel like to lift the trophy at the prize giving?
Yes I did it!

Do you have any sponsors?
Raymarine, MUSTO, Gleistein Ropes, bollé Glases, HS Sprenger

What other hobbies do you have?
I love it to go mountain biking on small single trails in the Alps.

Are you married / have any kids?

What is your favourite band/music?
electronic music

What's your favourite food?
every kind of cakes

What is your day job?
I´m studying mechanical engineering. My area of expertise is combustion engines and thermodynamics.

What else should we know about you?
Be aware, the Worlds on Lake Garda in 2015 will come! So POWER ON!

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