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MUSTO Skiff Product Evolution

Over the years a number of minor changes have been made to the standard MUSTO Skiff to address niggles that have been noted by the owners over the years.

Fortunately the class and the builder have always worked well together and these problems have been addressed in the standard boat gradually improving the product for everyone as time goes by ...

However, it has been brought to our attention via the recent survey (by Neil Upton-Brown, thanks Neil) that if you have an older boat and sail in a remote location that you may not have been aware of some of these changes that could improve your own boat.

This is very good feedback and one of the reasons why we run the on-line sailor survey; and as a result of this we are now publishing a list of all the minor changes that have been made over the years so people can check their own boats and upgrade if required.

These are the ones Paul & Rick could remember but we are pretty sure it is comprehensive, if anyone else has any other thoughts please let Paul know >>>

Product evolution over the years >>>

Note that because of the structure of our class some of these changes don't actually require the rules to change they are just reflected in the specification of the new boat which by definition of the class construction manual that is signed of by World Sailing defines the class. The class rules defien any alterations that may be made to the standard boat.

The product evolution guide is there to advise owners of older boats what changes may have been made to the standard specification since they acquired their boat and what changes they are permitted to make to bring their boat into line with the specification of the current new boats.

Lowers Bracket - Change ASAP
Trapeze Points :: If you have an old mast with the eyes keep an eye (ho ho) on them as they deform over time
Add a bulls eye to stop elastic wear
Change bulls eye to stop elastic wear
Spreader bracket changed as the older version seized up
Gooseneck versions over the years; if you have the plastic one (the dark one) you should change ASAP

Feeder versions over the years; if you have the pizza cutter (as it became known) you should change ASAP




Shroud Bolts (2015)

Ovington BoatsOlder boats have smaller bolts (M5 or M6) and have a formed penny washer on the back or the bolts go into a alloy bar which has been tapped.

There is a bolt upgrade kit to M8 bolts.

All new boats (Aug 2013 onwards #496) have M8s See more >>>




Mast Head Crane and Track (2015)

Selden Update Mast Head Crane, Track and Tips



Ovington BoatsNew style spinnaker sock

Following class feedback Ovington Boats and the class association has worked with Jack Grogan at HydeSails to produce a new spinnakersock. See more >>>

Updated 1/7/15



Selden Update 22/04/16




Ovington BoatsOvington Update: 29/11/16

Following feedback from members at the Carnac World Championships, Ovington Boats have made the following product updates.

1. The diameter of the kicker rope that passes through the cleat has been increased.

2. Both the kicker and cunningham control lines now pass through a micro block mounted on spliced lines to the wing side.

3. The rudder stock will return to using the white polar bear pubes as it has been found that in a high speed pitchpole the rudder blade can fly out.



2016 Class Logo Change

See the details here: >>>



2017 Rig Update: Mast tracks, masts & sails

Over recent years there has been an ongoing effort to eradicate the mast track and mast tip failures sometimes experienced by sailors; some of the possible solutions to this have created other rumours and ideas; some of which have gained traction on social media. Read more >>>



New Mainsail and Mast Sea Trials Begin ...

Following the supportive vote of the members in the on-line AGM Ovington Boats and the MSCA have now started sea trials of a revised mainsail and mast. The objectives of the mainsail project are to produce a sail with a more modern appearance that works with the existing mast and supports the same sailor weight range as the existing sail. read more >>>



Ovington BoatsBow Sprit End Plug : Introduced 2018

New plug now standard. Read more here >>>


2018 Mast Update: Mast tracks, masts & sails

Update here >>>

2018 Sail Update

Update here >>>



Mainsail development update, February 2019

As a follow-up to the update given in November, we would like to clarify the position on the potential equipment developments.

We are aware that the consideration over the last couple of years of a possible (i) change of mast, and (ii) a potential new mainsail design, has been unsettling for the class.  It has not helped the growth of the class and commitment of existing members.  read more >>>




Additional updates:


Ovington BoatsRecommended bushing of an existing rudder stock Due to the long term wear found on the aluminium rudder stocks, the class now has all rudder stocks supplied with removable plastic bushes. Owners wanting to bush their rudder existing stock can also purchase this product at Ovis If you want to bush your stock, then you will need to follow these instructions >>>


Ovington BoatsMUSTO Skiff Vang Lever Reinforcement This is a basic guide to fitting the stainless steel vang lever reinforcement to an ‘old style’ MUSTO Skiff vang lever. The templates used are derived from the new model vang lever; the final result will be a vang lever of the same geometry as the new design. Guide & Template >>>>



Ovington BoatsNote: The below was the recommendation in 2009; this has been superceeded by the above recommendation for an even stronger bolt. The information is retained here for completness and reference.
Chainplate bolts ... upgrade There have been a few failures of chainplate bolt, fortunately in all cases the other bolt has held on and this has never caused a mast to fall. See discussion >>> There is now un upgrade kit from Ovi's to sort the issue; thanks to those on the class association who did lots of research on the bolt options. More details >>>


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