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Life Members

Life members are voted in by the class association committee in recognition of their contribution to the MUSTO Skiff Class.


Joachim Harpprecht (awarded 2005)

without Joachim there would be no MUSTO Skiff; he had the vision to design a boat which at the time most people considered unsailable. The original concept was tested and developed to the final product which is available to all and sailed by many the world over. Thanks Joachim for designing such a great boat.
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Nigel MUSTO (awarded 2005)

Nigel spotted Joachim's "crazy" design at a boat show and was the catalyst for the class bringing the designer together with Tim Tavinor and Paul Manning from Victor Boats who assisted in the product testing and design for manufacture. Nigel continues to support the class through MUSTO Performance Clothing Ltd. Read more >>>



Paul Manning (awarded 2009) Paul Manning has been elected through a 100% vote by the MSCA Committee as a Life Member of the MSCA in recognition of his contribution to the class. Paul's day to day involvement in the class/business has changed as a result of the sale of the project by Victor Boats to Ovington Boats and this seems a good time to recognise his contribution. Paul has worked tirelessly for the class and it members often going beyond the call of what many would think as reasonable. For me the best example of this was when Paul arrived at Garda after driving for a whole day to hear that the boys from Newcastle had suffered a big trailer breakdown somewhere near Metz (a loooooong way from Garda). Without any question Paul climed into the van with Tony Ainsworth and drove to Metz; picked up the hung-over Geordies and then drove to Garda; he was bit sleepy on arrival ... This is just one of many tales of Paul helping individuals; thanks Paul for all your efforts and we are delighted you will still be involved as the MSCA secretary and through the provision of regatta support under contract to Ovingtons. More comments here >>>

Rick Perkins (awarded 2010)

Rick has tirelessly worked for 9 years with the class on providing one of the best class websites and media support packages of any class. The monthly e-newsletters are a huge success, and the annual sailor survey is still the only one of its kind in dinghy sailing, having only just been copied by classes such as the Melges 24. Rick also manages and contributes to the class forum and all the social media channels. Rick was also the event organiser of the very successful UK Nationals in 2008 and has over the years organised and lead a number of class training events. In addition Rick was also the National Champion in 2007.



Richard & Kit Stenhouse (awarded 2010)

Richard and Kit need little introduction, and have been at the front of developing the rig set up and coaching / training events that have made sharing and helping information the norm for our class. This has meant that many of you have mastered sailing the boat in a lot less time and a lot more fun than it would have taken on your own. They have also produced the K16 DVD which is a fantastic resource for the class. Richard is of course also a multiple champion in the class.


Tim Chapman (awarded 2012)

Tim was one for the forming members of the class association in 1999 and has been the class "money man" ever since ... that is a 13 year shift and counting. As a member of the class association for such a long period Tim has provided crucial guidance as the class has grown from nothing to a large international class that it is today.

On the water Tim is also remains the only "ever present" or "serial offender" meaning he is now the only person who has competed in EVERY MUSTO Skiff UK National Championship ever held, so that is 12 UK National Championships. He has also attended 11 European, Worlds & Gold Cups only ever missing two... that is some support.

Roger Oswald (awarded 2014)

Roger has been involved in the class since the very first Gold Cup at Lake Garda in 2001. He was the driving force behind the development of the class in Switzerland and has run class coaching every year on Lake Cham. Roger is also known as Mr. EuroCup, topping the 100 boat series from 2010-2013.
Along with the other team members, Roger helped at the 2008 St.Moritz World Championships and his sunny disposition matched the stunning weather the class enjoyed.

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Iver Ahlmann (awarded 2014)

Iver was introduced to the class at a very cold Rutland winter training camp. This didn't put him off and soon he was working with other German sailors in setting up a strong German fleet. Iver is an excellent international ambassador, ideal for the post of chairman, which he took up in 2010 to date. His chairmanship has overseen the inaugural World Championships outside Europe, a 105 boat World Championships at Weymouth, the class’s entry into the annually held Kieler Woche and the introduction of the EuroCup series.

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Richard Ekberg (awarded 2014)

Richard was the driving force behind the inaugural Australian World Championships at Black Rock Yacht Club in January 2011.
The event was a great success, with 29 overseas visitors and a strong home contingent, Richard and his team managed a memorable and well run championship. I've often heard people say that you should be part of the organising team of at least one major championships in your sailing career, but not only has Richard done this, he has also voluntarily managed the import of the MUSTO Skiff class into Australia.


Ian Renilson (awarded 2017)Ian was at the forefront of the class in the early days of its growth and was instrumental in its growth in Scotland. He helped with R&D product development and was also key to introducing the class to Australia through his contacts and friends from the Contender class, which led to the inaugural Australian World Championships at Black Rock, Melbourne – Australia. Ian was also a fierce competitor in the class scoring a number of memorable results including finishing 4th in the first official world championships using a set of sails that were so well worn yet still proved to be good enough if you had the right helmsman. Ian has also provided a whole generation of sailors with coaching and guidance and has also been the star of a number of YouTube sensations of which this is our favourite ... not only for the action but also the soundtrack ... 20,000 views and counting (12/06/2017)

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