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A forum is a very powerfull way for people to collaborate and share knowledge. For those who are not familair with forums here are a few tips.

1) You can view the forum without joining but you get more out of it if you join.

2) To join you need to click where it says register and the complete the form. The forum will then send you an email for verification. In the email will be a link; click the link then log into the forum. See the attached.

3) Once you have joined and logged in you can review and post on the forum. where to click to reply and posting replys

When you post a message if you want you can tick the box so the forum notifies you by email when someone else has posted.

Please feel free to click around and don't be afraid to post ...

Now - lets join the forum ...

Remeber if you get in a mess just click the MUSTO Skiff logo at the top left to go back to the start ...

Whilst the vast majority prefer the forum some have stated that they prefer the email list as they get the email into their inbox rather than having to go and look at the forum.

If you want yo work that way that is no problem because you can tell the forum to notify you when anything is posted.

If you want email notification of any posts on a topic just click the link (see here)

If you want email nofification to your post just tick the box (see here)

Now - lets join the forum ...

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The MUSTO Skiff is marketed world wide by Ovington Boats.
Please contact us on +44 191 257 6011 or
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Below are our key suppliers

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The highest standards by a gold medal winning builder
Harken, the best hardware available, it will never let you down
High tech carbon mast with "Step Down taper system" technology
One-design sails by the best in the game

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