Musto Skiff

Velocitek MUSTO Skiff World Championships - 2007

Fraglia Vela Malcesine (Lake Garda)
18-23 June 2007

Following World Sailing ratification in 2006 the International spread of the MUSTO Skiff Class has progressed at a rapid rate and the first official World Championships held at Fraglia Vela Malcesine was always set to be a fantastic event; but the reality was it was even better that anyone had anticipated.

The event was run as a single fleet of 86 boats representing 13 nations. Title sponsor Velocitek also added an extra dimension to the event by loaning S-10 GPS units to those competitors who didn't already own one to keep a track of maximum speeds and to run replays of the days racing.

Here are a few vital statistics of the event:

- Competitors 86
- Nations represented 13
- Maximum speed recorded during the event 19.8 knots
- Youngest Competitor 16 years
- Oldest Competitor 68
- Furthest Traveled - New Zealand
- On-site event support by Ovington Boats
- Gold, Silver & Bronze Fleets so all have a target
- Youth (<25), Master (>45) and Grand Master (>50) titles up for grabs

Most competitors turned up early for a few days training and measurement. Being a official World Championships conducted under the direction of an World Sailing International Jury the first task for competitors was to get their boats measured. This included a weight check and competitors were most impressed by the very narrow tolerance on the boats all up weights ensuring close and fair competition.

Prior to the first race a long distance practice race was run all the way up to Malcesine, round a couple of islands and then a long run back to the club.

After some confusion over the course and the finish line Kit Stenhouse was recognized as the winner and won a meal for two ... she took husband Richard.

Day 1

The wind kicked in from nothing to a 10 to 16 knot Ora breeze as the fleet launched for the first race.

The racing is being held just off the shore of the club giving spectators a great view of the racing which is being run as one huge single fleet creating a real spectacle for both competitors and spectators alike.

The first race got away after a couple of false starts and the fleet headed off for the left hand corner.

First to show was FRA337 George Richards chased hard GBR294 Ian Trotter and the rest of the fleet.

With such a large fleet each rounding was very busy with Trotter eventually taking the win followed by first lady Kit Stenhouse who beat husband and 2006 World Champion Richard Stenhouse.

In the second race Ian Turnbull started well and was never headed as he took the race win followed hard by Richard Stenhouse and Ian Renilson.

The wind moderated a little for the third race and again the left paid upwind and Richard Stenhouse was first their followed by Trotter and Turnbull. Those places remained to the finish.

At the end of an epic first day for the fleet all the competitors were treated to after race pasta and beer over which to discuss the ups and downs of the day.

Stenhouse headed the leader board from Trotter with former contender world championship Ian Renilson in third. Pablo Arandia (ESP) was laying 4th with Rick Perkins (GBR) 5th and Kit Stenhouse in 6th.

Day 2

With the event is being sponsored by GPS manufacturer Velocitek they ran Vmax competition during the week which was being by Ian Renilson with 17.7 knots after the first two days.

The wind kicked in early and racing was held in 12 to 16 knots of Ora breeze.

The first race of the day got off on time and the fleet again headed for the shore with the boats starting at the pin end (the non favoured end) starting to pull forwards as they approached the shore.

At the first mark Richard Stenhouse and Ian Turnbull lead the fleet and popped their kites and headed for the shore again.

Ian Trotter gybe set and hooked into some good breeze in the middle and closed the gap on the front two.

Another lap saw Stenhouse maintain his lead to take his second win.

The second race started with a fair sized group from the committee boat end heading for the previously un favoured right side of the beat.

However, this time round the right paid and Grand Master Tim Chapman was first at the windward mark and got so excited that he promptly capsized and let Ian Turnbull through who held out for the win in race 2.

The final race of the day was held in the strongest conditions so far and the leading pack were swapping places downwind. At one point they got too close and a collision between Dave Poston and Ian Turnbull ended both their chances as they capsized leaving Trotter to take the win.

Day 3

The third day saw the strongest breeze so far with the fleet racing in 14-20 knots of Ora breeze which built up quite a chop in the middle of the lake with boats enjoying the wave jumping down the run and the occasional pitch pole as well ...

Richard Stenhouse enjoyed the breeze recording a 1,3,1 score chased hard by Ian Trotter who scored 3,1,2.

The top 5 remain unchanged but with many new faces at the front of the fleet the top 10 is very tight.

Ian Renilson lead the master (over 45) competition in 4th, John Evans leads the Grand Master Competition (over 50) in 22nd and George Richards is first youth (under 25) in 11th.

Will Crocker leads the Silver fleet and Danny Clarke leads the bronze fleet.

The event is being sponsored by GPS manufacturer Velocitek and they are running a Vmax competition during the week which is currently being led by Richard Stenhouse with 18.9 knots.

Day 4

When the sailors awoke on the 4th and final day of the Velocitek Sponsored MUSTO Skiff World Championships there was a full strength peler wind blowing and with a 12 noon start planned the full race programme looked under threat as the wind would need to switch to the north Ora breeze and settle before racing.

In classic Garda fashion the peler "switched off" at noon and a postponement put up ...

As it was the last day of the championships the time of the last signal was scheduled for 3pm and as the Ora breeze built it soon became apparent that the race team were only going to be able to run a single race giving Ian Trotter no chance of turning over Richard Stenhouses 3 point overnight lead.

That said the Ora breeze continued to build to close to 20knots and with the chop left over from the morning peler the fleet launched into what was likely to be the most epic conditions of the week.

Once again the fleet started cleanly under the I flag and the boats that started at the committee boat and headed for the strongest winds in the middle of the lake were favoured with Ali Luxford leading the charge.

The day 4 conditions looked set to yield the best speeds of the week for the Velocitek Vmax competition.

After the first lap Luxford had conceded the lead to Neil Upton-Brown but up the next beat those who had selected the left gate mark gained the advantage and at the final windward mark 4 boats rounded overlapped and headed off downwind for the final charge.

At the finish Ian Turnbull had taken the advantage to finish first from Stenhouse who was chased home hard by Upton-Brown and Rick Perkins.

This final race win gave Turnbull second overall from Trotter.

The final race was also key in the outcome of the week long Vmax competition. The conditionals were not ideal due to the chop but Turnbull had managed to lock into some good gusts and pull off a 19.8 knot top speed to win the week prize of a brand new Velocitek SC-1 GPS unit. The daily prize was won by Leigh Albrect who achieved 19.0 knots to win an SC-1.

After 4 days of racing in 10 - 20 knot breezes the class had enjoyed 10 races and all congratulated Richard Stenhouse as a very worth World Champion.

The competitors would like to thank Fraglia Vela Malcesine for organising a fantastic event, the World Sailing International Jury for their efforts in keeping the racing fair, the trolley team who were able to get the fleet on & off the water with the minimum of problems and everyone else who contributed to this fantastic land mark event.

Finally thanks must go to event sponsor Velocitek who contributed an extra dimension with the Vmax competition which was supported with GPS action replays and great prizes in the form of the SC-1 and S-10.

Supporting sponsors of Harken, Selden, Ovington, Hyde, MUSTO and are also to be thanked.

The next big event for the MUSTO Skiffs is the UK Nationals in Lyme Regis and then we look forward to the next World Championship in Lake Silvaplana in Switzerland.


1 Helly Hansen - Richard Stenhouse
2 - Ian Turnbull
3 Trident - Ian Trotter
4 Sunrise Engineering - Ian Renilson
5 Harken - Rick Perkins
6 Dan Dixon

1 Youth - George Richards
1 Master - Ian Renilson
1 Grand Master - John Evans

1 Silver - Dieter Brunner
2 Silver - Will Crocker
3 Silver - Tony Phillips

1 Bronze - Danny Clarke
2 Bronze - Keith Boarders
3 Bronze - Dominique Walchli

Full final results

GPS Replays from the event are available below.

Race 10 - Harken (Rick) and Helly Hansen (Sten) (Java must be installed)

GPS Replay of Race 7 (avi file - no java required but it's BIG)

Photography above Kelly Radko

More event photos by Tania Samus -

Photos by Andy W & Kelly Radko

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