Musto Skiff

Coarse adjuster for the trapeze

(Iver Ahlmann (GER 370) )



PLEASE NOTE: There is a question mark over the legality of this pimp ...

Iver Ahlmann (GER 370) arrived at the world championships in Weymouth with a very neat and well sorted boat. One of the more notable pimps was a coarse adjuster for the trapeze lines which minimised the amount of extra string flying about the boat.

Mode Requires:

- Trapeze line of your choice (e.g. 2mm vectran), thimbles and whipping twine


The adjustment is made by a spliced 2:1 purchase on itself and will reduce from 1200mm to 600mm in length. The whole thing keeps itself in place with friction - even with thimbles in the loops. I've seen upwards of 100kg's hanging from the trapeze with no slippage at all. It is however, important to stitch the handle end and the eye-splices so that the whole thing will stay in place when there is no load.

To make the adjuster, start with 2400mm of 2.5mm dyneema. Add 200mm each end for an eye splice as well as double the depth you need for a handle - in the photo, the handle end is to the right, with a tie-lite block, whilst the mast end is to the left.




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