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How to progrip the wings by Max Doehler GER 403

After 4 years of use the original grey antisliptape on my wings was completely worn off.

Therefore I decided to take the time to change it for Progrip.

I believe ProGrip is superior to the grey tape because it provided better grip, it dosn't wear out your clothes or skin, it looks better and is cheaper. But it is less robust to damage.

Exchange does only take 2 hours. This is the instruction for all who likes to stand safe on the wings again.

1. Remove all parts as footloops, bushing for trapeze elastic, end-caps etc..

2. With a hot air gun you can heat the old tape from outside in sections of approx.. 30-40 cm and rip it off. Alternatively you can use a hairdryer and plug it into one end of the wing. The wing will be heatend from inside and you can use both hands for ripping. I would not recommend this with an hot air gun because the glued connection of inner and outer bar could be harmed.

3. If there are any leftovers of the adhesive, wash them down with aceton and an old cloth.

4. Cut the Progrip at a little more than needed length.

5. Fix the Progrip with a longitudinal edge at the wing. The surface of the bar has a different colour where it was under the old grip. You can use the borderline for orientation. Don't fixed the Progrip around the bar at once. In order not to wrap the Progrip, do not use too much power while sticking it on.

6. Once the Progrip is fixed onesided, you can carefully push the remaining with flat hands around the wing. In order not to cause blisters, do not rod the material. If it is fixed at all, you can use more power.

7. In the end just cut off the overlapping parts at the bar ends and fix the fittings again. Ready!

The abient temperature should be around 20 degree to guarantee a good crosslinking of the adhesive. While sticking the Progrip on, the wing can be heatend up.

On request I got the answer that the permanent pressure for a longer period should improve the Progrip/bar-connection. Altough I don't know, if it's right, I did it and have left the wings till the season start in my cellar.


There is one minor disadvantage of Progrip. If you like to renew it, it is not that easy to rip off like the old grey tape. But next to all the advantages like good grip, long lasting and reduced wear of clothes due to soft surface this is negligible.

You will enjoy it the next time on the race course, when the others slip around in their boats while you can fully concentrate on good racing. ;o)

Kind regards,
MUSTO Skiff GER 403

Verdict: PIMPED

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