Musto Skiff

Wear on fore and aft bowsprit mounts

It has come to the attention of the class association that the mounting points for the bowsprit may become worn due to the regular movement of the bowsprit tube when launching and recovering the spinnaker. Speaking to Chris Turner from Ovington Boats, they are happy to supply the new boats with some PTFE tape to act as a slide on these two points. You can also purchase the PTFE tape (also known as Jap Tape) from themselves.

We think it is a good idea to let sailors know, so they check their boats and add some tape if they think it is necessary. Please see images of what you are looking for.

From the technical corner - Clarification of rule C.7.1 MODIFICATIONS, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR

(b) Non-skid tape or patches made from a flexible material not greater than 3mm thick may be attached to the deck moulding.

This means you can use non skid tape (such as Progrip) made from a flexible material no greater than 3mm thick. It also means you can use patches (such as PTFE tape, or electrical insulating tape) made from a flexible material not greater than 3mm thick attached to the deck moulding.

Mode Requires:

- Jap tape


Assemble as per the pictures.

Verdict: PIMPED

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The MUSTO Skiff is marketed world wide by Ovington Boats.
Please contact us on +44 191 257 6011 or
email us for more details.
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Harken, the best hardware available, it will never let you down
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