Musto Skiff

Outhaul Modification (Rick Perkins GBR225)

This mod has been developed to upgrade the outhaul to 4:1.

This has been permitted by the MSCA under trial see >>>

UPDATE from 1/8/6 I have been using this for a few weeks now and at the Gold Cup I decided to not lead the outhaul to the wind so I have cut the rope short and just pull it on from the blocks at the gooseneck. I felt the rope(yellow) lead to the wing was getting in the way of the cunningham(red). My present view is that the extra purchase is nice to allow accurate adjustment of the outhaul but this should be done inside the boom - all this string visible is a bit ugly,

UPDATE from 29/8/6 I have now removed this from my boat as it is not necessary for me. I don't adjust the outhaul that much so the uglyness of all the string is not worth it. Having a 4:1 is good as you can achieve a fine tune and the take off near the mast is good as it makes it easier to adjust. On my new boat I will put the 4:1 inside the boom and I'd like to move the cleat forwards if the class rules allowed ...

Mode Requires:

- 5m 4mm rope (lime in this example)
- 1m thin elastic
- 2 x Harken 16mm blocks (417)
- 1 x Harken 16mm block (404)
- 2 x Stainless P Clips


Drill out the two rivets at the rear of the goosneck. The bolt on the P clips with the Harken 417 swivel blocks. Tie the Harken 404 block on the end of the tail of the existing outhaul. Then tie the 4mm rope to the eye for the cunningham, run it through the first block at the front of the boom the through the block at the block on the end of the outhaul then back down the boom through the block and out to the other wind. Then tie the elastic between the eye on the boom for the mainsheet block and the block on the end of the outhaul as shown.

This will allow the helm to "tweak" the outhaul on from the racks - to release it you just uncleat at the boom as normal.

This system is currently under test under the open trial.

Verdict: PIMPED

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