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Pimp my skiff

Inspired by the cult MTV series "Pimp My Ride" this section of the site shows you those little mods made by various owners to their boat. Please send us your mods to feature in this section.

Send in your mods with photos to and we will tell you if you are are "Pimped" or "Wimped"


Must have pimps ....

Product Evolution over the years

Shroud Bolts

Checking your foil fit from new (All)

Get your sail numbers on correctly

Vang Bolt Pimp (Rick Perkins GBR293)

Pimp my Rack Pins (Rick Perkins GBR293))

Wear on fore and aft bowsprit mounts

Rig your kite correctly

Boat Gadget Pimps

Mast Head Crane >>>

Compass Bracket (Ovi Boats)

Compass Bracket (Barry Shotton)

Compass Bracket (Iwan)

Compass Bracket (Gavin)

Velocitek GPS Bracket (Rick Perkins)

Compass Bracket (Barry Shotton/Simon Reynolds)

Modified "boatbreaker" (Huud Ouwehand)

Trapeze Harness (Rick Perkins/Ian Renilson)

Progrip your wings (Max Doehler)

Control System Pimps

Cunningham take-up (Ian Martin GBR351)

Cunningham Modification (Rick Perkins GBR225)

Jammer anti-snag (Rick Perkins GBR225)

Kite Sheet Tidy System (Rick Perkins GBR293)

Mainsheet Modification (Rick Perkins)

Trapeze Hooks & Splices (Ian Renilson GBR128)

Pimp my Kite Sheet (Florian Stigger (GER 085)

Cunningham Modification (Danny Clark GBR228)

Kite Halyard Take Up (Jamie Stevenson GBR215)

Outhaul Modification (Rick Perkins GBR225)

Forestay cover (John Colgrave GBR363)

Maintenace Pimps

Vang Lever

Separating a stubborn mast (Ted Mount and Ron Radko)

Daggerboard Upper Gasket Repacking (Ted Mount)

Recommended bushing of an existing rudder stock Due to the long term wear found on the aluminium rudder stocks, the class now has all rudder stocks supplied with removable plastic bushes. Owners wanting to bush their rudder existing stock can also purchase this product at Ovis If you want to bush your stock, then you will need to follow these instructions >>>

Chainplate bolts ... upgrade There have been a few failures of chainplate bolt, fortunately in all cases the other bolt has held on and this has never caused a mast to fall. See discussion >>> There is now un upgrade kit from Ovi's to sort the issue; thanks to those on the class association who did lots of research on the bolt options. More details >>>

Boat Tune Pimps

Standard Spreader Settings (Annon)

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