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Checking your foil fit from new

All MUSTO Skiff’s are supplied with the highest specification foils, made from CNC aluminium tools and the best materials available. However, it is very important that before you go sailing with a new boat that you check the fit of the rudder blade in the aluminium cassette stock.

The reason for this is that the aluminium stock is lined with a 3M self adhesive white fluffy liner (also known as polar bear pubes). This material is there to protect the rudder from the aluminium surface, and to provide a sliding surface for the rudder to move against. However, the materials thickness can vary and this can make the rudder very stiff to put in.

What you need to do

Before you go sailing, slide the rudder into the top of the aluminium stock, and push down firmly. If the rudder will not go through the stock remove it and carefully slide a sharp knife (Stanley knife) across the surface of the white fluffy material. You will find the knife will slide easily one way, and not easily the other way. The knife should slowly remove the outer surface of the 3M material making it less thick. Keep trying until the rudder fits the stock.

As a note, the 3M material does get flatter with time, so it is best to have a slightly stiff rudder to start with and use a silicone spray to help it slide. Also note that the blade will go in easier when wet so try that as well before you remove too much material.

It is alsow worth checking the daggerboard as well before you first launch.

Verdict: PIMPED

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