Musto Skiff

Cunningham Modification (Rick Perkins GBR225)

This mod has been developed to upgrade the cunningham to 8:1.



Mode Requires:

- 3m vecran 2mm
- 2 x Harken 16mm blocks (404)


Create a 4:1 cascade on each side.
Use the vecran core rope to create the first loop of the cascade. Splice the end onto the deck loop using a small be of outer to protect the rope from the forged deck eye. Arrowed in Red.

Make the loop long enough to allow you to slide the splice up and down so you can adjust the range of travel of the cunningham when using old and news sails. Arrowed in blue.

The second picture in the sequence shows the cunningham fully eased. In this position the hooks need to be 57cm off the deck. With an old sail the hooks would need to be higher as the sail would have shrunk. To accommodate this just adjust the splices on the vecran section arrowed in blue in the first picture.

The picture shows how the ends of the cunningham control line are joined so the system is continuous. You need about 8m of rope to do this section; cut to length such that the rope between the wings is tight when the cunningham is max eased with the hooks 57cm off the deck. The plastic ring is on a bit of elastic that goesto the bow asa tidy up.

The final shot at the bottom shows the cunningham full on - as you can see the blocks almost blocked out (see below arrow). If you block out then you need to slide the spices up on the vectran rope section to adjust the range.

Verdict: PIMPED

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