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MUSTO Skiff Gold Club

To join the MUSTO Skiff Gold Club you need to win a race at a World Championship*; simple.

First rule of Gold Club: You must help others to be able to join ...

Second rule of Gold Club: You must contribute to the buying of beers to host a drink on the beach during the world championships ... Gold Club members will host the party and share their expertise over a beer; the Gold Club Member with the highest membership number present will be responsible for organising the beer.

Each member of the MUSTO Skiff Gold Club will be awarded an exclusive MUSTO Skiff Gold Club cap.

In the Tour de France only a few people are in contention for the yellow jersey but many riders strive for a stage win ... the same is true at the world championships. Whilst there are always a few contenders for the title others sailors can target race wins.

Just as in the Tour a sprinter can target a flat stage; in a championship a heavyweigh may target a windy race or a tactical genius may excel in shifty conditions. The Gold Club seeks to give the appropriate kudos and recognition to a race win as the Tour does for stage winners ...

Over the years there have been 152 (at the end of 2019) races held at World Championships so there are a fair few people who have won more than one race.

Below is a list of current members; the club has members from;


001 Ian Trotter (GBR)
002 Richard Stenhouse (GBR)
003 Kev Anderson (GBR)
004 Ian Turnbull (GBR)
005 Roger Oswald (SUI)
006 Rick Perkins (GBR)
007 Ant Chapman (GBR)
008 Simon Reynolds (GBR)
009 Pablo Arandia (ESP)
010 Dave Poston (GBR)
011 Andy Peake (GBR)
012 Bruce Keen (GBR)
013 Jon Newman (AUS)
014 Iver Ahlmann (GER)
015 Daniel Henderson (GBR)
016 Dan Ward (GBR)
017 Tom Wright (GBR)
018 Jono Neate (AUS)
019 Giacomo Giovanelli (ITA)
020 Tim Hill (AUS)
021 Paul Dijkstra (NED)
022 Ian Renilson (GBR)
023 Marcus Hamilton (AUS)
024 Dan Trotter (GBR)
025 Richie Robertson (AUS)
026 Marco Anessi (ITA)
027 Richard Pelley (GBR)
028 George Hand (GBR)
029 Andi Lachenschmid (GER)
030 Matt Holden (GBR)
031 Jamie Hilton (GBR)
032 Frithjof Schwerdt(GER)
033 Andy Tarboton (RSA)
034 Justo Martinez (ESP)
035 Alex Greil (SUI)
036 Will Phillips (AUS)
037 Alex Knight (GBR)
038 Thor Schoenhoff (AUS)
039 Dan Vincent (GBR)
040 Rick Peacock (GBR)
041 Dan Kilsby (GBR)
042 Ryan Seaton (IRL)

* The class was granted International Status in 2007 and that was the first official world championships; prior to that it was called the Gold Cup but was the world's in all but name.

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