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MUSTO Skiff DVD by World Champion - Richard Stenhouse - K16 taking control

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Olympian Richard Stenhouse presents K16 taking control


The MUSTO Skiff is a single handed, high performance sailing boat, with trapeze, main and kite, without the right techniques helming can be a bit of a handful.

Richard shows how to bring the beast under control, so you donít have to learn the hard way. Featuring all the boat handling skills he used to win the World Sailing MUSTO Skiff world championships.

Kit Stenhouse talks you through the important points, and interviews the experts for some top tips, to get you up to speed quickly. Contains innovative camera shots, making it feel like your there sailing the MUSTO Skiff.

Original sound track by musician and skiff sailor Barry Shotton enhances the great footage.

Review by MUSTO Skiff National Champion Rick Perkins: "The MUSTO Skiff is well know as an open and friendly class where top sailors are happy to share their hints & tips with others, this DVD by World Champ' Richard Stenhouse takes this to another level. In this excellent DVD Richard and a vast cast of other sailing gods share their secrets and explain the key techniques for mastering the MUSTO Skiff; whilst this DVD is focused on the MUSTO Skiff the techniques taught will translate to any high performance dinghy. I have all the usual sailing DVD's and this one is by far the most informative and the sound track composed by MUSTO Sailor Baz "The Bass" Shotton is the icing on the cake. Anyone wanting to go faster in a skiff should buy this DVD"

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UK Residents - this includes p&p
non-UK Residents - this includes p&p



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PAL U.K. 16:9 format
Language English
Sound in 16bit stereo
Feature length 120 mins.
Copyright Richard Stenhouse©2007

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