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Class Association Membership Benefits

The remit of this association is world wide.

Whilst many nations have local associations that are affiliated with their national authority the local association does not administer individual membership (with the exception of AUS, ESP, GER & SUI)

Why join the MUSTO Skiff class association???

Well without a class association there is no class and as such your boat has less worth; the class association is the organisation that sets the rules, runs the events (training and racing), organises promotional activity for the class and generally administers everything to do with the class. A strong class association means a good ownership experience. We hope that all the owners will support the MSCA to protect your investments in MUSTO Skiff. We really hope as an owner you will choose to support the class association even if you don't plan to attend any events ... but of course we hope you will ...

Also ...

1. Entry to MUSTO Skiff regatta’s requires class association membership, which enables you to race in one of the most competitive fleets around and win great prizes

2. MUSTO Clothing at 15% off retail; buy on-line using the code in your MSCA welcome letter

3. You will receive a class sticker (stick it here) to be displayed on the mast, which confirms your annual subscription

4. You will receive a class car sticker

5. You have a say in how one of the most talked about classes develops




International MUSTO Skiff Class Association Objectives / Activities:

Objective of the International Class Association

  1. To promote the participation in MUSTO Skiff events world wide
  2. To preserve, enforce and develop the class rules
  3. To create a community of owners who are all part of a world-wide club
  4. To plan and schedule a series of World Championships regattas that moves around the world
  5. To plan and schedule a EuroCup Series in Europe
  6. To support national associations to create a series of national events
  7. To meet the obligations of World Sailing
  8. To maintain an international class website
  9. To distribute an international class eNewsletter
  10. To foster communication between members on Social Media and Class forum
  11. To host an on-line survey each year in preference to an AGM at the worlds
  12. To support and work with class builder(s) to ensure continued supply of quality equipment
  13. To seek and support a range of sponsorship agreements to benefit the class and its members
  14. To support the scheduling of training programmes world wide
  15. To support the display of the class at various exhibitions
  16. To maintain a market in used boats world wide
  17. To collect class fees and keep accurate finanical records
  18. To create social programmes that fit alongside major regattas


Please join up >>>

Find out more by signing-up for the free MUSTO Skiff e-Newsletter (you don't have to be a member to receive these)

This benefits package is supported by Ovington Boats and MUSTO Clothing

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