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FOR SALE (wanted boats or charter boats)

________________________ AUT __________________________


________________________ AUS __________________________

AUS117, includes: 1 main sailing very good condition, 1 spinnaker good condition, 1 new Ronstan carbon tiller extension, top and bottom heavy duty regatta boat covers, ropes all in great condition a lot new this 2016 season, foils in good condition, sail bags, foil bags, beach trolley, road trailer  available if required needs modification to fit MUSTO. Over all in good condition and ready to race. Everything to class standards.  Contact Aaron Pimm

________________________ BEL __________________________


________________________ CAN __________________________


________________________ DEN __________________________


________________________ ESP __________________________

ESP-247 Good condition and ready to race. Includes: 2 mains, 2 spinnakers (1 main in very  good condition-the other main and gennakers are very used). Launching trolley, top cover, foil and sail bags  and new deck pads to avoid slip. Hull in  good  condition,  rudder and dagger board has a couple of minor / surface dents. Visible at CN Arenal (Mallorca) . Great boat, competitively priced at 5500€. Pictures are available. With possibility to be delivered at the Worlds in Carnac.   Contact:

________________________ FRA __________________________

FRA 262 Trolley, top and buttom cover 1 mainsail, 2 spi Ready for regatta

FRA410 – Boat in excellent condition, sails very little - fully pimped – carbon extension, trolley, road trailer (UK model), top and under covers, foil bag, rigging bag - recent top and mid mast sections (2015) - progripped wings – New spinnaker halyard (never used), very high quality fit out of blocks and ropes. Mainsail good for racing and practice, spinnaker practice only.
8500€ - Boat is laying in the south of France but can be delivered to worlds, for more information please email me at or +33 6 738 789 68

_______________________ GBR ____________________________

GBR 056 Good starter boat. It comes with 2 mains, one in good condition that I have never used as I used the other mainsail which is in poor condition. This main is good for starting out and training, which is exactly what I have used it for. It has been sailed less than ten times as me as owner. 1 set of all other equipment. Lines in good condition and ready to race (normal specification). Comes with combi trailer. £3750. Located Ramsgate, Kent.Contact Kial on Or: 07340 021802

GBR063, Great starter boat, not used much in the last 3 years but well maintained and lots of pimps. Main in good condition and 3 kites (one only used twice), under cover and over cover (new last year), carbon tiller extension + spare, foil bag, combi trailler. Boat lying near Southampton. Selling for £3500. For photos or more info contact Nils on or 07738939295

GBR 104 – Great starter boat in ready to sail condition.  Includes: 2 main sails (1 hardly used, 1 training), 1 spinnaker, many new lines/blocks etc, foil bags, under/over covers & road trailer.  Boat lying in Aberdeenshire (Inverurie area).  Photos available on request.  £4,000 Contact: Steve at'

GBR 111  Great starter or club sailing boat.  Photos available at  Ready to race with tapered spinnaker sheets, adjustable trapeze lines etc.  Main sail and two white spinnakers, well used but fine for training or club racing which is all I have done since owning the boat. Under/over covers, launching trolley (part of standard combi, but trailer base not available).  Boat at Draycote Water.   £3,111.   Contact: David on

GBR 147 – Great starter boat in ready to sail condition.  Includes: 1 main sail, 2 spinnakers, new trapeze lines, foil bags, new over cover, launching trolley & road trailer.  Boat lying in Fareham Hampshire.  Photos available on request.  £4,000 Contact: Steve at

________________________ GER ___________________________

GER 3 Prototyp guter Zustand, Schoten und Falle erneuert, sie kommt mit einem  Trainings-Groß(gebraucht) + Regatta-Groß (neuwertig, wenig gesegelt), drei Spis (einer davon noch originalverpackt)Schwarz und Slipwagen. Liegt z.Z. am Starnbergersee VB 4300.-€

GER184 zu verkaufen, Rumpf im sehr guten Zustand, in den letzten Jahren wenig gesegelt, 1 Segelsatz bestehend aus Großsegel und Gennaker (beides noch sehr gut), Ober-/Unterpersenning, Ruder-/Schwerttasche, Kombi-Slipwagen-Trailer (neuer TÜV). Standort: Bodensee, VHB EUR 6900, Kontakt: Marco Hönes, Mobil: +49 172 80 192 82 ,

GER370 Sehr gut ausgestattetes Boot aus Zeitgründen zu verkaufen. Letztes Jahr nicht gesegelt. Ein Satz Segel, Oberpesenning, Schwert- und Rudertasche, Slipwagen. Sofort segelklar! Das Boot liegt in Kiel und kann jeder Zeit besichtigt werden. VB 6100€ Kontakt: 01755881383 Mail:

GER 457 aus gesundheitlichen Gründen zu verkaufen. Wenig gesegelt, Saison 2015 komplett trocken im Winterlage übersommert. Originalsatz Segel (Gross, Gennaker) von Auslieferung in sehr gutem Zustand. Planen, Slipwagen, Rudertasche etc. vorhanden (Oberpersenning neu). Standort bei München VHB 9.500,

Das Light Skiff ist der kleine Bruder des MUSTO Skiffs.
Das Light Skiff segelt ähnlich wie ein 29er, die Manöver sind natürlich wie beim MUSTO Skiff einhand zu fahren, aber einfacher.
Das Skiff ist für sportliche Segler von 40 bis 75 Kg Körpergewicht ideal.
Technische Daten:
Länge 3,98 m
Breite 1,60 m
Rumpfgewicht ca. 48 kg
Großsegel ca. 7,8 qm
Gennaker ca. 10 qm
Baujahr 2013
Top gepflegt, aber leichte Gebrauchsspuren.
Der Rumpf ist im Vakuumverfahren mit Sandwich-Laminat gebaut. Mast, Baum, Gennakerbaum, Ruder und Schwert sind aus Kohlefaser gefertigt.
Folien-Großsegel, Gennaker-Farbe rot.
Oberpersenning und Slipwagen sind dabei.
Preis VB 5600 Euro.
Kontakt: Mobil: +491715674196; Mail:

________________________ GRE ___________________________

GRE134 , very good condition , mast/main/kite for training , new mast/main/kite (only used in one event) , top cover , carbon tiller extension , trailer , ready to sail. 5800 Contact : +30 6941538508 , the boat can be delivered in Ancona,Venice or Riva.

________________________ ITA ___________________________



________________________ NED ___________________________


________________________ NOR ___________________________


________________________ NZL ___________________________


________________________ SUI ___________________________


SUI 172 zu Verkaufen
-Komplett ausgerüstet
-2 Satz Segel
-1x Carbonpinnenausleger
-Unter-, Oberpersenning
Standort: Zürich Preis: 6400.-CHF

SUI236: Hull and rig in very good condition. Boat is ready to sail including :

  • 1 x mainsail, 1 x spinnaker (both used)
  • 2 x top covers (new 2013 and used)
  • 1 x undercover (good)
  • New 2013 main-, spinnaker-halyard, spinnaker sheets
  • 2 x forestay (new 2013 and used)
  • 1 x launching trolley (good)

On sale until end of february 2016
St. Gallen, Price: 6000.- CHF

________________________ UAE ___________________________


________________________ USA ___________________________






ITA MUSTO Skiff wanted. Based in Italy. Price 4500. Contact Alessandro on:





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