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To see the rig settings of the champions visit the hall of fame as well

Rigging Guide (this is a 2.6M file with a 90 step rigging process, one photo per step)

2016 Update from Andi Lachenschimid (1st Worlds 2016) and Frithjof Schwerdt (1st German Open and Kiel)

  Andi Frithjof
Weight 86kgs 80kgs
Height 186cm 186cm
Rake (mm) 7300mm 7290mm
Shroud Tension 30 30
Lower Tension 18 19 (3mm lowers)
Spreader Length 395mm Max out (5 holes visible)

Spreader Deflection (mm)

100mm 110mm


2014 Nationals (Mike Palfreman : 2nd @ 70kgs)

Shrouds 29; Lowers 10-12; Rake 7220mm; Spreaders Deflection 110mm, length 385mm. I tweak the lowers slightly depending on conditions but would start on 10 and leave it while you get used to the boat. I don't think it is worth going lower as the mast is very stiff low down so it probably would'nt make much difference anyway.

2011 Update top 3 from the UK Nationals

Sailor James McIntosh Bruce Keen Mike Palfreman
Weight 83kgs 83kgs 73kgs
Height 181cm (almost 6'0") 186cm (6'1") 179cm (5'10.5")
Rake (mm) 7210mm 7255mm (referenced by measuring 6110 to top of gnav fitting) 7200mm
Shroud Tension 29 29 29
Lower Tension 12 12 9
Length *a
395mm 395mm See photos below 390mm *1

Spreader Deflection (mm)*b

115mm 100mm See photos below 100mm

*a from the mast (measured from the nearest point of the mast tube at the bracket)
*b from back of the mast track

*1 : I have started to reduce spreader length (by dropping down to next available hole) once the breeze is above 12-15 knots depending on sea state. For Mounts Bay I stayed on the 390mm setting throughout because on the windiest day the offshore breeze meant the sea was pretty flat.

2010 Update from Daniel Hendersen (1st Worlds 2011)

Weight 74kgs
Height 183cm (6'0")
Rake (mm) 7210mm
Shroud Tension 29
Lower Tension 11
Spreader Length 378mm from the mast (measured from the nearest point of the mast tube at the bracket)

Spreader Deflection (mm)

80mm from back of the mast track

2010 Update from Bruce Keen (1st Nats 2010)

Weight 83kgs
Height 186cm (6'1")
Rake (mm) 7255mm (referenced by measuring 6110 to top of gnav fitting)
Shroud Tension 29
Lower Tension 12
Spreader Length 395mm See photos below

Spreader Deflection (mm)

100mm See photos below

Bruce's spreader settings below

2007 - 2012 Update from Rick Perkins (1st Nats, 5th Worlds in 2007)

Weight 70 - 82kgs (82kgs in 2007)
Height 180cm (5' 11")
Rake (mm) 7250
Shroud Tension 30
Lower Tension 12
Spreader Length 390

Spreader Deflection (mm)


Note: If anyone else wishes to publish their settings please email me

Here are the settings for some of the faster sailors over 2006

Seems they are all pretty much the same ... looks like a bit of practice is the answer ...





Weight 90kgs 80kgs 72kgs 74kgs 87kgs 64kgs
Height 5' 11" 6' 2" 5' 9" 5' 11" 5' 11" 5' 8"
1st 2nd 5th 4th -  
1st 2nd 3rd 5th 4th 10th (winner of race 2)
Rake (mm) 7270 7270 7270 7250 7270 7117
28 28-30 30 30 30 31
12 10-12 ?? 12 12 5-12
Spreader Length ? 390 390 390 ? 390

Spreader Deflection (mm)

110 115 115 120 ? 114



Click here to see the standard Spreader Settings >>>

Here are the figures for Rick Perkins new boat GBR225 >>>

Here are Stens figures/comments from March 2005

Rake is 7270mm - 7300mm I dont measure it very often too lazy. It is mainly based on the trim of the boat, too bow down I rake back ,if the transom drags I rake up.

Loose gauge readings Shrouds 28, Lowers 10 (Max 15 - Min 6) Forstay I never measured it.

Spreader sweepback 110mm to 120mm depending on rake

Mast heel is as far forward as it can be without touching the front pin.

My aim with all the settings to have a straight mast with the shrouds on 28 adjusting for any differnces with spreader angle and use the lowers to match the conditions that day

Here are the setting for the Top 5 at WYC - May 2004

Mast Rake was not measured but the current "standard" is 7280mm - 7310mm

Sailor Height Weight (Kgs) Spreader Length (cms) (1)

Spreader Deflection (mm) (2)

Lower Tension

Shroud Tension

Shroud Position Mast Foot
Ian Trotter 6'2" 81 38 115 5 28 5 down on the back row 5
Richard Stenhouse 5'11" 94 39 120 10 28 5 down on the back row 4
Kev Anderson 5'11" 85 38 115 7 30 5 down on the back row 4
Ian Turnbull 6' 91 38.5 105 8 30 6 down on the front row* 4
Martin Boatman 5'10" 76 38 120 8 30 5 down on the back row 4


1) Measured from the side of the mast to the shroud
2) Stretch elastic between the shouds at the end of the spreaders and measure the distance to the mast track
3) Measured on a metric Loose gauge
4) The design of the mast foot has changed over the years but most people have it as far forward as possible (see pic, you can just see the bolt in hole 4))

* Note: Ian uses Ronstan rig adjusters

General Settings from Ovington Boats, this is a good starting point.

Rig component

Light - medium wind

Heavy wind

Rig tension

27-30 on Loos rig gauge ( on shroud )

27-30 on Loos rig gauge

Spreader length

Showing 2 holes on length adjuster

Showing 2 holes on length adjuster

Spreader angle

85-110mm from rear of mast to shroud line

85-110mm from rear of mast to shroud line


5th hole down on the aft row

7th hole on the aft row


5th hole down on front row ( giving 10 on Loos gauge )

5th hole down on front row ( giving 10 on Loos gauge )

Mast foot

5th hole from the front

5th hole from the front

Other people rig settings

Matt Toone 24/6/2004 (4th UK Nationals)
My rake is about 7410.  Most people were on 7470 in garda (or there abouts). 
Tensions seem similar - 28-30 on loos gauge on mains, 8-15 on lowers (condition dependent).

Update from Matt 12/1/2004
Rakes have settled at about 7300mm (from mast tip to lower skin of transom.
28-30 on loos gauge
Lowers between 8-15 depending on weights and wind

Simon Reynolds 24/6/2003 (5th UK Nationals)
The present setting for GBR 113:
Shrouds, 5 holes down at the front, 28 tension on Supaspars gauge
Lowers, 5 holes down at front, 5 tension
Rake 7280mm to lower transom skin - thats No.8 hole on front chainplate with the mid length forestay for those who have them
Spreader deflection depth 85mm

Rick Perkins 6/8/2003 (8th UK Nationals)
5DF = 5 holes down on the front row on the shroud adjuster



Rake (mm)

Prebend (mm)

Shroud Tension

Lower Tension

Spreader Length

Spreader Deflection









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