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All the below is helpful but the best way to learn is come & join the fun ...

If you want to learn without getting wet the best thing to do is get a copy of the
Stenhouse K16 DVD
here >>>

Coaching form to be completed by all UK coaches running training

MSCA Risk Assesment Example Template

World Sailing Risk Assesment Example Template

RYA Medical Form Template

Rigging Guide (this is a 2.6M file with a 90 step rigging process, one photo per step)

Here is a selection of vids to help you see how it's done ...

Head Cam Video taken by Sten
Head Cam Video taken by Graeme (down wind with gybe & drop)

Ian Renilson gybe sequence

Launch Training Events

Our aim is to help new sailors to the class, and those who do not get the chance to sail on a regular basis develop their sailing skills and knowledge to better enjoy this fantastic class.

See the fixture list for details of training events

Tips from the Top;

Question 1 - What is the best way to get out of irons if I have messed up a tack?

Question 2: Its blowing dogs off chains, I am approaching the lay line down wind at warp speed, what is the top tip for surviving the gybe?

Question 3: What is the drink of champions?

Question 4: What are the key issues in the light stuff?

Question 5: How should I trim the sail

After Denia I quizzed Sten on a few topics - here are his words of wisdom ...

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 When you want the best ... you can have it
The MUSTO Skiff is marketed world wide by Ovington Boats.
Please contact us on +44 191 257 6011 or
email us for more details.
Below are our key suppliers

Ovington BoatsHull
The highest standards by a gold medal winning builder
Harken, the best hardware available, it will never let you down
High tech carbon mast with "Step Down taper system" technology
One-design sails by the best in the game

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