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Tips from the Top

Question 2: Its blowing dogs off chains, I am approaching the lay line down wind at warp speed, what is the top tip for surviving the gybe?

Kev said; I have my main attached to my harness in strong winds for access down wind. As I approach the lay I ease the main from the wire, this is very important as it keeps the boat moving as you come in to the boat. The last thing you want is for the boat to stall because your main is pinned in to far. (We are talking very strong winds here.) Depending on waves I then ease the main right to the boom. I am still hooked on with weight on the wire keeping the boat going as fast as it will go. I then quickly un-hook and immediately go for the gybe by bearing away and leaning into the boat grab the main from the boom with the hand which is holding the kite and pull the boom over. As the boom is coming over I give the boat heeps of -ve helm to counteract the impact of the boom as it reaches the stopper not on the main sheet. As I move across the boat and ensure my full weight hits the wing as quickly as possible. Once through the gybe I then trim on the kite as quickly as I can. Then hook back on and trim the main on a little while wiring off the gunwale, then go out on the wire and get my foot in the strap and then a final main sheet trim.
Don't forget to hang on for grim death fight the boat and drive it on.

Richard said "Keep it flat, fast and feel positive. Do a rack to rack gybe main slightly eased to around 45 degrees ( to far out , the boat slows down and you have a wide angle to steer, to centred and you get blown over if your gybe isnt perfect).
Steer a smooth arc with no waggling indecesions and cross the boat early ie before the boom, if the boat is heeling you could have gone sooner.
Pick the new kite sheet up from the block as you go and punch it through to the new side, no flapping kite to put you off balance or slow you down. "

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