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Musto present their return to dinghy sailing with a collection designed to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding boats, and the new breed of performance athletes that sail them. In order to do this, the world's no 1 sailing brand has worked directly with their partner Groupama Team France to produce one of the most forward thinking-collections ever created.

Foiling boats, as well as skiffs and other high performance dinghies, are now capable of travelling through the water at top speeds. As a result, athletes are more susceptible to injury than ever. Cutting edge D30® technology is Musto's impact protection of choice with flexible pads within the suit following the contours of the wearer’s body for enhanced comfort and performance. Upon impact, the molecules in D30® become solid, creating a barrier that takes the brunt of the hit. This kind of intuitive impact protection will prove essential when safeguarding the new generation of extreme sailors.

As well as focusing on impact protection, thermoregulation is critical to Musto in providing a range that keeps sailors warm in some of the iciest waters on the planet, and cool in the warmest. To do this, Musto have categorised the collection into ThermoHot, ThermoLift and ThermoCool, to provide complete solutions across the spectrum.

ThermoHot incorporates 4mm and 3mm neoprene and waterproof dry suits to protect the wearer in the iciest conditions.

Staying cool in warmer climates is paramount. ThermoCool does this by offering a line made from lightweight super-stretch neoprene. Featuring UPF technology, this range allows the wearer to remain out on the water for longer in hot weather.

Temperatures are often unpredictable, Musto's ThermoLift offering allows Musto sailors to layer up or down depending on weather conditions. All layers are lightweight, making it easy to layer up or down depending on the boat, conditions or level of physical activity.

Musto's cutting-edge technology squarely meets the demands of the new generation of performance athlete. The dynamic new range is a true testament to what is possible when raw passion and industry-leading innovation combine, and a collection that Musto, the world's no 1 sailing brand, believe will take modern dinghy sailing to new heights.

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