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German EuroCup was held from 30th September - 3rd October and hosted by Deutscher Touring Yacht Club,

The German South EuroCup was held from 30th September - 3rd October and hosted by Deutscher Touring Yacht Club, who kindly wrote this report.

The weather forecast could have been for a big storm but fortunately this did not materialise, instead the regatta was held in good conditions with wind forces between 10 and 15 knots. 

The race organisation planned for up to four races per day and there was no lack of drama and close racing throughout the fleet. At the end of the series the title was taken by International Class Chairman Iver Ahlmann from the Kiel Yacht Club just a single point ahead of the Swiss Nicholas Duchoud from the sailing club Oberer Walensee. World Champion Frithjof Schwerdt from the Potsdamer Yacht Club was still strong in the last races, but it was only enough for Bronze. The DTYC congratulates the International German Champions and thanked all the participants for the great spirit, which ensured a great atmosphere throughout the championship.

First day:
On the first day we had to wait for the wind to settle in beautiful sunny weather. In the evening this year's annual general meeting took place. Electing Torsten Bendig as chairman and Dustin Bo Frohne as his right hand man and Treasurer: Frithjof Schwert. In the evening the class won the second World championship in Freiburg with Friesland "Friedel" Schwerdt - with the other classes.

Second day: 
The weather forecast was again not particularly good for the Skiff classes but with a light breeze between 5 and 6 knots racing got underway with Iver Ahlmann from the Kiel Yacht Club leading the fleet.

Third day:
The wind remained rather unstable with the fleet experiencing a struggle between the a warm from the south against a coming low from the southwest. In a bright blue sky, a light breeze from south got the upper hand and allowed for light wind racing. Then a clearly defined front line crossed the Starnberger See and turned the wind to southwest. The course had to be rebuilt and a slight oscillating wind with up to 13 knots took place, and further races were possible. The Musto Skiff had three races, with Bernd Jahn, Nicolas Duchoud and Frithjof Schwerdt, both from Switzerland, giving three different winners, leaving the results very close with only 4 points between leader Iver Ahlmann from the Kiel Yacht Club and 3rd place.

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