Musto Skiff

Musto Skiff at the Ullswater YC for the first Scottish Skiff Series - 2017

Report by Jono Shelley

A weekend that had it all (apart from a steady force 4)....

12 Musto Skiffs joined the 3 Day Easter Regatta at Ullswater YC for the first Scottish Skiff Series event. In an interesting format the Skiffs shared a line and racecourse with a 30 strong mixed A symmetric fleet including SB20, VX1 and 49er amongst others. This gave the feel of a busy start line and put a premium on who you started next to and who you arrived at the marks with.

Day 1 was about as challenging as it gets in a skiff - 30 degree shifts and gusts regularly in the 25-30 knot range with a few beyond. Stuart Keegan demonstrated its much more about brains than braun, keeping things upright throughout and taking a well earned first win. Only a depleted and bruised fleet remained for the next two races with Jono Shelley and Dan Trotter 'enjoying' some close racing in the nuclear gusts. Jono being upright more at the right times than Dan to take both wins and lead overnight. 

Day 2 was again very shifty affair with four races but in a more manageable breeze strength with Jamie Hilton having by far the best of the day with 3 bullets (although consensus was he should be embarrassed about the first win of the day). Jono won the other with Ian and Dan Trotter and Stuart Keegan also always in the mix at the front. 

Day three was a drifter and a number opted for the pack up and go home rather than take on the 2 light wind drifters approach which shook up the final scores a little bit. 

Thanks to UYC for some great hospitality and Ian Turnbull at rope 4 boats for the prize contributions - some lucky sailors will be able to treat themselves to some leading mustoskiff ropewear. I am not sure it will go down as a classic...

Skiffs Overall
1st Jono Shelley
2nd Stuart Keegan
3rd Dan Trotter 
4th Jamie Hilton 


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