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The 3rd Australian Musto Skiff Championship 2013 - Day 3 Bookmark and Share

Venue : Mounts Bay Sailing Club - Perth (AUS) This is the venue for the next World Championships

Report: various

Photos: Rick Steuart

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Day 3 Australian MPS Championship concludes in dramatic fashion 2 boats protested by the Race Committee for not signing on before going afloat, despite one of these boats returning ashore to sign later and still making the start of both race, and a third boat returning undetected and not protested by the Race Committee.

Both boats were penalised 4 points to be added to their regatta totals by the Jury for not signing on prior to going afloat.

Racing was conducted in fading North Westerly breeze. Following reports by Denis Joes and Arthur Brett.

RACE 6 by Denis Jones
After missing the start by 1 minute yesterday and getting flogged at Snap in the morning by my 8 year old, it was time to regroup and focus.

After a final reminder from 18 bowman, Thor Schoenoff to not be late and a perfectly non-polite retort it was time to head off to the course an hour early. Arriving to very little wind, the fleet sweated around for an hour in the above 30 degree heat, until our RO Andy Curnow summand some breeze.

We were answered with a fairly stable 20 knot North easterly. (Amazing work Andy…)

Arthur Brett won the start at the pin, with Marcus Hamilton winning the middle and Denis Jones at the boat. The three leading boats with others close behind all charged to the left hand side, not sure how the breeze was going to oscillate in the 3 lap race.

Arthur, Marcus and also going quick, Richie Robertson, were the first to tack to Port and took a couple of sterns, including Denis’s.

The top mark saw a slight shift to the RHS, which favoured the early tackers, including Jon Newman.

There were a few minor changes on the run, Notably Arthur Brett who nose-dived and swam in some large ferry wake during a gybe. Denis and Jon gybed early and managed to surf the waves to make up a few extra boat lengths.

All the boats converged closely at the bottom mark in fading breeze. Marcus was sailing really smart and held his lead both on the downwind and the next beat. Mark Whittington and Thor pulled a great early shift and Denis gained ground in the middle. The top mark had Marcus still in control with Jon and others chasing. Jon had a weird capsize, looked like he ran over the kite.

Again everyone converged at the bottom and it was time for major decisions. A group worked the left while Denis and Richie saw breeze on the right. Marcus did a great job keeping both groups under his belt. At the top it was Richie, Marcus and Denis all very close.

The final run home was tough in the fading breeze, Marcus did best and got the gun, Tim Hill who was at everyone’s ankle the whole race snuck through for 2nd and Denis third. Richie who gybed through the middle lucked out for a 5th.

RACE 7 by Arthur Brett
Breeze was from north east at the start at 6 knots then swinging 20 degrees to the right up the first beat and then another 20 throughout the rest of the race.

The boats out to the right on the first beat were favoured by the swinging of the breeze but those on the left were favoured by slightly more pressure. Those on the left were forced to hold their nerve and wait for a small shift back near the top. The right side paid but it could have been a whole lot worse for the others. Denis Jones led from Jon Newman.

Because of the 20 degree shift, the downwind was mostly spent on the port gybe. It was important to realise early that the left hand gate looking downwind was going to be heavily biased and to jockey for a smooth rounding position before it was too late. Jon led at the bottom form Denis.

There was a change of course for the second upwind and the breeze continued to drop. The strength was now under 5 knots with some handy and fairly subtle shifts on offer. There were some sizeable gains and losses and it became a real challenge to keep wide vision of the course and still sail the boat fast. Jon led from Denis and then Pickets Whittington.

The last downwind was always going to be tricky. The breeze was just strong enough to keep the kite filled and any gybe was going to cost more than normal. It was important to survey each side of the course on approaching the top mark and be measured and strong with the choice of the first gybe. Most of the fleet gybed and went left with a couple going right. Pickets came from the right and claimed the chocolates with Jon coming in second. Denis got dudded big time and was passed by a big clump of boats.

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