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MUSTO Skiff Eurocup Report: Kristiansand, Norway 1-2 Sept 2012 Bookmark and Share

Report : Rolf Nossum

Photos : Renathe Haugen

During the first weekend of September, Kristiansand at the southern tip of Norway played host to the MUSTO Skiff Eurocup, in conjunction with the Norwegian Open Dragon Championship.

Seven MUSTOs started, five local boats and two German ones.

The first racing day dawned with clear skies and very light airs, making the committee boat fly the postponement flag for the better part of an hour into the designated racing time.

Then a westerly breeze rose and quickly built up to 6 m/s allowing the fun to begin, with the top mark about 1NM from the starting line. The competent race officials interleaved the MUSTOs with the Dragons in a quick succession of alternating starts, and by the end of the day, each class had had four races.

The visiting German sailors, Florian Kemper in GER347 and Iver Ahlmann in GER370, proved to be in a league of their own, taking the top two places in each race.

The next morning served up sparkling conditions with a steady westerly breeze which increased to about 8 m/s during the day.

Five MUSTOs lined up that day, and again the visiting German boats took the lead, relegating the local fleet to third place and below in each of four races.

By the end of racing, Iver and Florian were tied with four wins and four second places each, Florian prevailing due to a tiebreaking win in the last race. Geir Odmar Heldal in NOR463 took third place overall.

After the prizegiving ceremony, Florian and Iver gave a "debriefing session", answering questions and offering advice to novice and aspiring MUSTOskiffers. A much appreciated gesture!

Race results >>>

"The visiting sailors perspective (Iver Ahlmann)

Geir and Gunnar are regular visitors to the north German fleet and so it was natural for me to enter the Christiansand EuroCup to return the visit. As the weekend came closer, the logistical overhead of driving from Germany to Norway for a weekends' sail started dawning on me. As it later turned out, none of that was justified. Not only was the journey efficient - the ferry from Denmark lands one kilometre from the Yacht Club. It was also cost effective thanks to Geir helping us get massively reduced ferry tickets. The journey was also very enjoyable as you get a 3 hour mini cruise on the North See. Once we were there we were greeted with the finest in Norwegian hospitality including ferry terminal pickup, a place to stay and cooked breakfast every morning!

Sailing-wise, the venue is nothing short of spectacular and very suited for skiff sailing. Christiansand is a huge natural harbour with good protection from the very rough North Sea. That way, one gets sea-like wind conditions in combination with very controllable sea-states. Even more surprising it is to see that dinghy sailing is only attracting moderate attention in Chrisitansand. The MUSTO Skiff is, with three local boats, the most wide-spread dinghy!

Big thanks go to Gunnar, Geir and Rolf for their great hospitality and for getting so many local boats onto the start line.

All up it was a hugely enjoyable weekend, and we look forward to an even bigger event next year!"


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