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MUSTO Skiffs at Go for Gold Regatta at Black Rock (AUS)

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Report by Will Phillips

Last weekend was the annual mixed class regatta with over 100 boats at Black Rock

Saturday was hot. The heat brings all sorts of people to Half Moon Bay. Salman was there for a swim, he was from the Nunawading triathlon club. Salman found the MUSTO Skiff intriguing, he was keen to give it a try, he wondered why somebody would go so far out into the bay without an engine.

Race 1, the 10 knot northerly was perfect, Richard was leading by miles but decided to do his own race around the long course. Will showed some rare form leading around the short course from start too finish. Jon had a costly bad tack on the first work, which cost him.

After waiting for Richard to finish his race we eventually got the second one under way, with everyone around the long course. This race was more variable with position changes everywhere and major shifts in wind direction, we finished the race in a light south-westerly. Tim held his nerve to claim victory. The wind then died completely and the MUSTO fleet led the way back to shore. It took Tim, Robin and Chris 2 hours to drift back to Sandy. Salman was right, they needed an engine.

For Sunday's races 3, 4, 5 and 6 we had 8 knots building to 18 from the south by the final race. Each race followed a similar pattern with every one of the top 4 taking turns in the lead, and any mistakes were costly, it was tight the whole way around. With the exception of the last where Jon got away. Although there was still an epic battle for the rest of the fleet down the last run, until Tim had a swim at the last drop.

Congratulations to Jon, taking all 4 race wins on the final day and the overall regatta win from Tim and me. Also to Robin, Richard, Tim and Chris for the great competition!


AUS425 Poker face Jon Newman 11112[3] 6
AUS472 Jet Tim Hill [4]23212 10
AUS417 Skye Will Phillips 2323[3]1 11
AUS438 Black Spot Richard Ekberg 34444[6] 19
TBA Wave Train Robin Dayes 5555[6]5 25
AUS391 Erica's Kitchen Chris Peile 88[8]754 32


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