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Class Rules Q&A from the International measurer and Technical committee

Dear all,

If you have not been for a sail in your skiff yet in 2008, I’m sure it’s pretty high on your agenda’s. So having worked closely with Dave Chivers the class has released a revised set of rules for 2008.

You will find the format is similar to previous, and we have used Simon Reynolds 2007 rules as a basis, which has been a tremendous help.

The main differences are that the current World Sailing closed standard class rules require us to re-format our existing rules, whilst doing this Dave and myself have re-worded some of the rules. We have highlighted on page 3 what is probably the most important clarification, that is PLEASE REMEMBER; IF THESE RULES DO NOT SAY YOU CAN – THEN YOU CANNOT!

I have also been asked to clarify a few points, so following are some worked examples that I hope will help!

What can I do to my skiff?


The current World Sailing closed rules we use are the same used for most classes, whether World Sailing or National fleets.

Because of the close way in which the sailors and association have worked in the past there are quite a lot of things you can legally do to your skiff to give it that personal touch. However, PLEASE REMEMBER; IF THESE RULES DO NOT SAY YOU CAN – THEN YOU CANNOT!


Can I have some examples of what I can and cannot do?


You can use as much elastic and rope as you like of any diameter. See rule C.9.8.(5) and (6)

You can replace the grey wing non-slip with “Pro-grip” . See rule C.7.2.(7)

However, you cannot fill the holes and screws of the rudder gantry under the hull. The rules do not say you can, so you cannot!


Where do my sail numbers go?


When you get a new skiff from Ovington Boats, they supply diagram G.1 with the numbers, which provides guidance on this. If you have not got a copy of this, please see the rule Appendix attachment. There were a few boats at the World championships that had incorrectly positioned sail characters, it is important that these are correct.


As I cannot fill the holes for the rudder gantry, does that mean I cannot repair my rudder, centerboard or damage to my hull?


No, you can carry out repairs as indicated in rules C.7.1.(a) and C.8.1.(a)


Can I replace the grey or white carpet supplied to line the centerboard and rudder cases?


No, you MUST use only what is supplied by Ovington Boats that is the current white fluffy 3M tape.


Can I paint my mast?


Yes, you can paint the mast with varnish or paint to protect the carbon fibre. The class allows paint for boats that may be kept in hot climates where the black varnished surface deteriorates more quickly.


Can I put advertising and/or sponsors logo’s on my skiff?


Yes, anywhere except the front 25% of the hull, on either or both of the two bottom panels of the mainsail and the spinnaker to rule G.4.1.(b)

I hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Chris Henderson (World Sailing International measurer)

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