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Class Rules


Following feedback from the 2015 class survey, the class committee in conjunction with ISAF have amended, approved and published the 2016 class rules.These are now available from the ISAF website


Official class rule interpretations

Rule C.6.1​ MODIFICATIONS, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR (d)​ Cleats, blocks and their fittings supplied by any manufacturer may be replaced in the same position as the standard fitting or as close as structurally possible. Replacement cleats shall be substantially the same size and design. Replacement blocks shall have the same number of sheaves of a similar diameter.

The class IM confirms that in the last sentence of this rule the word 'similar' can be a sheave diameter between 40 - 60mm when applied to the spinnaker ratchet blocks.







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MPS page on the ISAF website >>>

Class rules Q&A >>>

MUSTO Skiff Product Evolution Over the years a number of minor changes have been made to the standard MUSTO Skiff to address minor niggles that have been noted by the owners over the years. Fortunately the class and the builder have always worked well together and these problems have been addressed in standard boat gradually improving the product for everyone as time goes by ... More details >>>



Click here for a printable/saveable version of the Class Constitution v9.0

Note: The International Constitution will apply world wide unless a local class association has a local constitution. A local class association may require their own constitution to comply with local laws and national body regulations.

If any conflicts exist between the international and local constitutions then the international constitution will prevail.

SUI Constitution >>>

GER Constitution >>>


CE Owners Manual (this is a large file!!)


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