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Minutes of the IMSCA committee 01/06/2017 – Club Nautic S’Arenal, Spain

Minutes of the IMSCA committee 01/06/2017 – Club Nautic S’Arenal, Spain.

Note – the Skippers meeting was held on 30th May at Club Nautic S’Arenal, Spain.


Iver Ahlmann (Chairman)
Justo Martinez (Vice Chairman)
John McAfee (Builders representative)
Paul Manning (Honorary International Secretary)
Rick Perkins (International Communications)
David Rickard (Technical)
Rob Taylor (Chief Measurer)
Tim Hill (AUS rep.)
Ben Schooling (GBR rep.)
Frithjof Schwerdt (on behalf of GER fleet)
Alex Greil (on behalf of SUI fleet)
Roger Oswald (on behalf of SUI fleet)
Klaus Costadedoi (on behalf of AUT fleet)
Andy Tarboton (on behalf of RSA fleet)

Apologies for absence received from 

Paul Molesworth (International Treasurer)
Paul Dijkstra (on behalf of NED fleet)
Yaroslav Petrov (on behalf of RUS fleet)
John Archer (SUI rep.)

Meeting chaired by Iver Ahlmann (opened at 18:36)
1. General report from the chairman
There was no chairman’s report

2. Treasurers report
The latest set of accounts will be published under this report.
3. Secretaries report
There was no secretaries report
4. Builders report
There was no builders report
5. International sales
Tim Hill explained to the committee the difficulty the class faces in AUS in acquiring new boats and spares and how the current model works in Australia. Following discussions with a local importer of other classes, there is also an option to ship smaller numbers of boats and equipment through this route. 
Due to a number of reasons, the last shipment of boats and spares was not straight forward and the fleet are looking to improve how to move forward. John McAfee responded that demand for their boats was unprecedented, especially with the 29er and this has led to extended delivery times on other classes. In addition, supply from suppliers has been less than satisfactory.
It was suggested by Tim and John that Paul Manning arranges a visit with Paul Coyles (Ovington Boats financial controller) to look into a long term sales strategy.
- Action Paul Manning
6. Legal protection against liability to its members, officers and trustees
Rick Perkins and David Rickard explained the current position regarding liability. World Sailing have confirmed that they have no insurance in place for their International classes and although the likelihood of a legal case being brought is remote it was felt to be important to express concern.
There is no independent insurance policy available and looking at reports from other sporting associations, such as cycling, the legal position is not clear.
Iver Ahlmann explained that German sporting associations must comply with a stricter policy. 
- Action Frithjof to look into any legal cover provided by the German system.
7. Mast quality and supply
This was discussed at the skippers meeting and requires immediate action.
- Action Paul Manning to speak with Chris Turner as soon as possible to re-start an alternative mast supply prototype.
8. 2020 World Championship 
This event is listed in the long-term calendar as being Lake Garda. We have received a number of enquiries from members asking whether the class could look at sailing on Lake Como and in Germany instead.
Committee have agreed to review bids for this year. All bids must be with the class secretary no later than 31st July. Committee to approve venue 31st August.
9. 2012 World Championship
The GBR class have an option to host the World championship at Lyme Regis. A final decision must be received by the club no later than the middle of June 2017. 
Committee voted in favour of taking up this offer.
- Action Paul Manning to confirm with Lyme Regis Sailing Club
10. Rick requested that nations please provide reports and images (if available) of all events for the international website. The class have some excellent regional and national Facebook groups covering events but these have a very local coverage compared to the class .com website and sending on reports helps showcase the class to a worldwide audience.
11. Honorary Members
Paul Manning asked that committee should consider making Ian Renilson an honorary member of the class.
Ian was at the forefront of the class in the early days of its growth and was instrumental in its growth in Scotland. He helped with R&D product development and was also key to introducing the class to Australia through his contacts and friends from the Contender class, which led to the inaugural Australian World Championships at Black Rock, Melbourne – Australia.
Committee unanimously agreed.
12. John Archer asked whether there could be a shorter series within the World Championships as some SUI members felt the event was too long both in the number of races and the time period of the regatta.
Although the committee understood the points, it was felt that this would not be appropriate for a World Championships. The class does not feel there are enough members to hold a separate regatta over a shorter period and that the EuroCup series hopefully has enough events throughout Europe for members to compete.
13. AOB
Ben Schooling invited members to attend the GBR National Championships at Brightlingsea Sailing Club

Meeting closed at 19:36

Note: Class accounts are available on request via your national rep; we felt it not correct to publish our accounts in public.

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