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Minutes of the IMSCA committee 07/06/2016 - Yacht Club de Carnac, France.

Note – the AGM / Skippers meeting was held on 8th June at Yacht Club de Carnac, France.

Justo Martinez (Vice Chairman)
Chris Turner (Builder / Technical)
Rick Perkins (International communications)
Paul Molesworth (Honorary international treasurer)
Paul Manning (Honorary international secretary)
David Rickard (Technical)
Max Döhler (GER rep.)
Ben Schooling (GBR rep.)
Emilien Taque (FRA rep.)

Wayne Bates (AUS) invited as an observer
Alex Greil (SUI) invited as an observer
Paul Dijkstra (NED) invited as an observer

Meeting chaired by Paul Molesworth

1 General report from the chairman
There was no chairmans report.

2 Treasurers report
The treasurers financial report was presented to the committee.
Max asked whether the World Championships costs could be provided in more detail going forward.
The committee discussed the costs of running a World Championship.
It was agreed that future major championship entry should be split into three cost brackets.
An early entry 3/4 months before the event (as an example €320)
A standard entry 2 months before the event (as an example €360)
A late entry circa 2 weeks before the event (as an example €400)

3 Class treasurer - question over costs associated with paying via Paypal and other banking options. The treasurer feels this may be a more specific GBR question, but worth discussing.
The U.K. class will look at this as it is mostly a cost associated with them.

4 Secretaries report (membership, World Sailing etc)
The secretary reported that ISAF has now been rebranded as World Sailing and requested that all national websites etc ensure they use the latest WS logo.
The secretary confirmed that the class continues to have a strong membership
The secretary asked that national associations sent reports to Rick for publishing on the international website.
The secretary asked that fleets ensured that anyone coaching the class confirmed to the relevant nations legal requirements with respect to qualifications and appropriate insurance.
The secretary asked that all national websites conform with the correct World Sailng and class logos.

5 Builder report (including an update on spars)
Chris Turner reported on the small mainsail. It is felt that the prototype is too big for young sailors and it was suggested by Chris that the foot is shortened. The prototype is now in Spain for further testing.
Chris Turner explained the current position with the Selden mast track. A sample mast with a smaller footprint track has been offered by Selden, but we have not received anything to date, although promised in March. The class are keen to keep with the current spar to maintain the one-design nature of the boat. Chris Turner has very kindly offered to produce an alternative mast at no cost to the class for review in Palma. Paul Manning will try to follow up with Selden but explained to the committee that it was very difficult working with Selden.

6 Report on progress for the Palma World Championships
Justo updated the committee over progress with the event.
Rick to send Justo the World Championship event budget to better understand what is expected and what the costs are likely to be.
Justo to advise on the entry fee per boat as soon as possible.
Justo will check with the club whether containers can be kept at the club.
Paul Manning to look into container and lorry options for getting European and UK boats to Palma.
The format of racing for all future World Championships will change to:

Saturday Pre-Worlds (2 races)
Sunday lay-day
Monday Worlds (3 races)
Tuesday Worlds (3 races)
Wednesday lay-day (option of racing if required)
Thursday Worlds (3 races)
Friday Worlds (3 races)
Saturday Worlds (3 races)

7 Report on progress for the Australian World Championships
Wayne Bates updated the committee over progress with the event.
Rick to forward Tim Hill and Ritchie Robertson the contact details to arrange a meeting with ACO Melbourne and Moore Civil to look at how best to manage the event titling and sponsorship.
Tim and Ritchie need to confirm the AUS fleet will manage the entire budget for their World Championships.

8 Discuss format and venue options for the 2018 European Championships
To get the best numbers in Blairgowrie there will be no Europeans in 2018. The class will push the EuroCup series.

9 Discuss format and venue options for the 2019 World Championships
Submission dates for any nation wishing to bid for the World Championships by 1st September 2016.
The class should review the World Championship requirement document to ensure bids understand exactly what is required.
All submissions must include what is included in the entry.
One submission per nation.
The committee will vote on the host venue on the 15th September.
The Dutch expressed an interest in hosting the event and Rick will send documents to Huud.

10 Discuss the cost of holding a World Championship
A full breakdown of World Championship costs will be made available to the committee post final costs associated with Carnac.

11 Class training budget for 2016
Hyde Sails do not want the class to sell the sails in order to raise funds for coaching. The 2016 coaching funds will carry over to the Palma Worlds.
Committee agreed that the class should continue with the relationship with Russ Clark. It is important to book Russ ASAP for Palma and ensure costs are taken into account, including the use of an RIB.

12 Class rules -
a. Rule G.4.2 has been incorrectly removed and needs to be replaced. Discuss what wording is wanted. Note, this rule previously said "The spinnaker may be modified to include cut in graphics which do not alter the original shape of the sail. The graphics shall not be closer to the head point or tack point than 800mm, and not closer to the luff, leech or foot than 600mm." Sails with logos cut in by Hyde Sails are manufacturer to these control dimensions and we are unsure why this rule was removed, but assume it was a typo error.

Committee agreed that all cut in sails must be manufacture supplied. Painted sails do not require limiting but committee will go ahead with the technical committees recommendations.

b. New rule proposal clarifying the positioning of individual sponsors logos and event sponsors logo. Currently we have a diagram at the end of the class rules and guidance notes on the World Championships website of the positioning of the title sponsors logos. A couple of sailors mentioned that an event logo could end up being positioned in the same place as an individual’s sponsors logo. As event logos are covered in the event instructions the event logo must be placed on the sail where instructed. It is possible that at a future event a large event logo is produced to cover a number of event sponsors, which could conflict with individual sponsors logos.

A draft of a possible wording from the technical committee is -

C.2.1 Advertising is permitted in accordance with World Sailing Regulation 20 (advertising code) but the sail window shall not be covered by advertising or other material.
C.2.2 Vinyl or other plastic film or paint may be added to the hull above the chine, and/or to the sail, solely for the purpose of displaying advertising, provided that the film/paint shall not be specially textured or otherwise used in a way that could improve the character of the flow of water or air inside the boundary layer.
C.2.3 Any advertising on the sail will only be displayed in the areas shown in the drawing in Section H below. You should keep in mind that the area allocated for Class and event sponsors signage/stickers placement on the mainsail will be on the bottom mainsail panel (not over the window) and up to 50cm above the bottom batten.”

We would need to amend the drawing to show an area on the spinnaker in the drawing H for sponsors.

A final revision of the proposed wording from the technical committee is to be forwarded to World Sailing for approval.

13 AOB

Points raised by David Rickard (small sail / mast track) were covered in the meeting and minuted above

Points raised by John Archer (SUI), (class training, mast track issues and event costs) were covered in the meeting and minuted above


Note: Class accounts are available on request via your national rep; we felt it not correct to publish our accounts in public.

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